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5 Themes of Goegraphy~ Italy

No description

Morgan Baker

on 24 August 2010

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Goegraphy~ Italy

The Five Themes of Goegraphy~ Italy Movement of Italy~ People Ideas Goods trains boats scooters They use buses because many people do not have enough money to pay for a car. They have a National Railway to transport goods very quickly around the peninsula. they use boats for the waterways in Venice newspapers TV radio The people are socially advanced, so they communicate well among each other. Region of Italy~ Moutains Rivers Landform Physical Features: Human Features: Vitican City
Colloseum Venise Loction of Italy~ Western Europe Bordered by France, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland Place of Italy~
Famous Attractions Human Enviorment Interactions Italy~ Place of Italy 75% hilly or roughy 20% foretsted Interaction between society and environment and fundamental to geographical investigation and at the core of many of the worlds most social, economic, and political issues at the start of the 21st century. Faculty and graduate research and teaching combine quantitiveand qualitative approaches, whilst focusing in particular on conversation and development, cultural and political ecologies,environment policy,and land use change. The industrial production of Rome.Italy like for example even though some of Rome is mountains, there is a lot of crops. These were planted by people they use boats to get around in Venice they grow crops
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