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Social Studies: Grade 6 Early Explorers

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Ryan Iles

on 16 February 2012

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Transcript of Social Studies: Grade 6 Early Explorers

Social Studies
Grade 6 Specific
Expectations Heritage and Citizenship:
Explorers by the end of Grade 6, students will: 1. Knowledge and Understanding Overview Students investigate why
European Explorers came to Canada,
and what they thought of it. What were the +/- effects their interactions had with First Nations? Overall Objectives Describe the motivations and attitudes of
the European explorers; and the effects of
contact on both the receiving and incoming groups. Use a variety of resources and tools to
investigate different historical points of view
about the positive and negative effects of
early contact between First Nation peoples
and European explorers Analyze examples of interaction between
First Nation peoples and European explorers
to identify and report on the effects of
cooperation and the reasons for
disagreements between the two groups. 2. Inquiry/Research and Communication Skills 3. Application Knowledge and Understanding Activities:
Explorers Cube,
Astrolobe, Quadrant,
Points of View,
Job Advertisement
Identify the Viking, French, and English explorers who first came to and explored Canada, and explain the reasons for their journeys. Identify technological developments and cultural factors that assisted and promoted the exploration of North America. Identify the results of contact for both the Europeans and the First Nation peoples Inquiry/Research and Communication Skills Formulate questions with
a statement of purpose to
develop research plans. Build models or draw and
label various forms of maps,
using cartographic symbols
and a legend Use and construct a variety of graphic
organizers to clarify and interpret
information Students will use various modes
of informational resources using
correct bibliographic citation
techniques. Activities:
Mock interview,
create various forms
of maps, cause-and-effect
diagrams, mind maps,
diagrams, "unit glossary",
group research.

Application Explain how cooperation
between First Nation groups
and early European explorers
benefited both groups. Explain how differences between
First Nation peoples and early
European explorers led to conflicts
between the two groups. Activities:
Group research the impact of contact
between Aboriginal Peoples and Europeans.

Construct an enlarged copy of the activity sheet “The Experiences of Aboriginal Peoples and Europeans” onto chart paper.

Use the Internet having students work in pairs to research the diseases that Europeans gave to
Aboriginal peoples.

Don't fret it if you cannot remember
all that - it's all conviently in your handout;
including the resources and where to
locate them! =)
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