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Iqbal, by Francesco D'Adamo

No description

James Hamilton

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Iqbal, by Francesco D'Adamo

Iqbal, by Francesco D'Adamo
Iqbal Himself
Iqbal was born in the year of 1983 spending only a short 4 years in Muridke, a small rural community just outside Lahore, Pakistan, before being sold into slavery. Iqbal is a very determined and courageous child and won't stop until liberation. Being kind and sympathetic towards others are some of his greatest attributes.
Why does child slavery continue to take place? And how can we stop it?
Most of these children, like Iqbal, were sold into slavery due to their parents inability to repay debt. Although it is illegal in many of these 3rd-world countries moneylenders can still get away with this despicable crime of selling children to repay debt due to the corruption of society and the weak presence of law and police. Some ways you can deplete the density that is child labor is to simply donate to organizations such as, UNICEF or the ILO, and make sure the products you purchase are not supporting the sin that is child slavery.
Iqbal, A Novel by Francesco D'Adamo
Country: Pakistan Issue: Child Slavery
This novel takes place in a city named Lahore, which is located in Pakistan it is a large city with a population of 12,500,000.
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