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Persuasion: Logical and Emotional Appeals

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Justin Fodor

on 15 October 2018

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Transcript of Persuasion: Logical and Emotional Appeals

Logical Appeals
What is it good for?
Getting others to do or believe something

Persuading others to share your beliefs, goals
Emotional Appeals
Emotional appeal is a writer's attempt to persuade the audience through emotions
Start thinking about this
When you feel a certain way about something, are you comfortable sharing your position with others?
Logical and Emotional Appeals
A logical appeal consists of the following:

1. opinion statement
2. reasons
3. evidence
opinion statement

states the issue and the writer's opinion on that issue

EX) Coke tastes great

My brother is smart

We should buy products with less packaging
Answers the question "why" about the opinion statement
My brother is smart because he goes to a private college.
The large quantities of sugar and syrups gives Coke a sweet, appealing taste.
Consuming products with less packaging would ease the burden on our overcrowded landfills.
Provide important support for a reason
"What makes the writer say that?"
Fact - a statement that can be proved
statistic - a fact in number form
example - a specific instance that illustrates a general idea
anecdote - a brief story that illustrates a general idea
Types of Evidence
Ex) Smoking can cause lung cancer
Knowledgeable about facts or appealing to people's emotions?
Who are you trying to persuade? What are their beliefs/goals?
What evidence does a person use to support their argument?
What are a person's reasons for taking a given side?
*****BE SKEPTICAL of persuasive arguments that include poorly supported opinions, evidence that is not documented or seems illogical, or stereotypes.
Speaks to the reader's heart rather than the reader's head
Arouses feelings of guilt, fear, guilt, happiness, etc.
ethical appeal - use evidence from sources your readers will recognize and respect
Shows your readers that you are trustworthy
When I arrived at the beach, the first thing I saw was an oil-slicked chick sadly squawking next to its mother. I picked up the frail chick and did my best to wash the black gunk from its tiny wings. I realized then it would take much time and money to clean up the mess.
an emotional appeal should be made
in addition to
a logical appeal
A logical appeal is the best foundation for a convincing argument
aka Logos
aka Pathos
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