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Alexandra pappas

on 22 April 2017

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Transcript of HISTORY

A group of British men led by Edward Gibbon Wakefield wanted to start a colony based on free settlement rather than convict labor
Founders of South Australia had a vision of a colony with political and religious freedom
South Australia became a free colony is 1836
Free Colony In South Australia
Australia & British relationship
Captain Cook's Exploration
Captain Cook was born November 7, 1728
In 1770 Captain Cook discovered the south east coast of Australia
Captain Cook landed in Botany Bay
He named eastern Australia "New South Wales"
Febuary 14, 1779 Captain Cook was killed by natives in Hawaii
Edgar C
Yazmine Jordan
Alexandra Pappas Bentley Bruce
World War II
Origin Of The British Population
The British established a colony in New South Wales in 1788
1,023 people from all over England arrived in Sydney Cove on the First Fleet

They fought two wars
One war against Italy and Germany as a part of the british common wealth effort
And one against Japan in alliance with the U.S. and the British
They entered WWII shortly after the Poland invasion declaring war in Germany in 1939
Australia and Britain were both maritime trading nations.
Australians say that they feel more close to the UK because out of six countries, the UK was ranked to be 3rd in popularity,because of their importance.
Captain Cook was a british man that explored Australia.That is how they have a close relationship.
751 of these people were convicts or children of convicts
Many English workers migrated to Australia for an opportunity of a better life
It was the first known in 1901 and has become an expression of Australia identity and pride
The flag has three elements and are .the union jack,the commonwealth star and the southern cross
Early European Explorers
The first encounter was a Dutch navigator named Willem Janszoon
164 years later James Cook landed on the South Eastern Coast
Cook became the first to explore that coastline
The French navigator Binot Paulmier de Gonneville was the first to claim the land known as the east of the Cape of Good Hope
An amendment to the flags act 1953 was passed in 1998 to ensure that the australian can change the flag
gold rushes in australian
How Australia Won Independence
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