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Maze Runner

No description

noor taufeeq

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Maze Runner

By: James Dashner Maze Runner Setting! Political: Future, and time of world disaster
Psychological: Desperate, and suspenseful
Physical: A place called Glade, in a maze Characters Thomas: Protagonist, sixteen, five foot nine and
brown hair. Confused and curious.

Chuck: Thomas' first friend, is short, and big. Friendly, and talkative. (Piggy) Conflicts THE END! Exposition When Thomas arrives at Glade in the box forgeting his memory. He learns how glad works and where Glade is. And chooses to become a runner as a job. Rising Action After Teresa arrived in Glade shes been in a coma, things that regularly happen stop. Climax! Thomas figures out a way to get out of the maze from the memory gained from the painfull sting of the Grievers Falling Action They get out of the maze after shutting down the Grievers. Denouement They are rescued by some people. Teresa is separated from the boys. Represents life The Walls Represents Parents or Guardians Themes is friendship, Trigger! Crisis Is when decides to get stung by a Griever so he might be able to find out more about how to get out of the maze. Group vs. Group: Gladers fight the Grievers

Group vs. Nature: Gladers vs. no sun

Man vs. self: Thomas fights the feeling of the sting of Grievers. and never giving up A day after Thomas arrives a girl comes and has a note. The Maze Grievers Represents Fear Shoes Represent Runners The Gladers Represent Friendship
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