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The benefits of Video Games

No description

Ianna Lindsay

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of The benefits of Video Games

The Physical Benefits
Physical Benefits
Psychological Benefits
Provokes positive emotions
Psychological Benefits
Improves memory and focus
Real World Application
Video games in education
The benefits of Video Games
Research Paper presentation
Improves senses
Encourages physical exercise
Improves dexterity
Develops hand-eye co-ordination
Stimulates visual abilities
Brain growth
Develops skills for special needs students
transfer of skill into the workplace
In the book 'Got Game' written by John C. Beck and Mitchell Wade, they talked to young manager who told them that "People who have played games are a lot more creative and innovative and find solutions a little bit better instead of the whole following-procedures thing. There is something inherent in playing games"(Beck, Wade, 2004, p.142).
In a study published in the journal PLOS One found "that doctors who spent one month playing either Wii Tennis, Wii Table Tennis, or a balloon warfare game called High Altitude Battle performed better in simulated tasks designed to dexterity and movement precision."(Spector, Loria, 2014, para 5)
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