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Old Yeller

No description

joey voelkel

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Old Yeller

by Fred Gibson
Old Yeller
Rising action
Falling action
The resolution
- His dad leaves to go on
cattle drive.
-They meet old yeller for
the first time, stealing
there meat

In the story old Yeller , Travis the main character, develops a deep and amazing relationship with his dog old yeller. Through out a lot of amazing events.
His mom and brother Arliss develop just as good of a relationship with the yeller too.
-Travis old dog bell died
and it hurts him to think
of replacing bell with old
-On a regular hot day the
family was all sitting there
and they heard too bulls
about to fight and the
family went and watched.
Travis got trampled. The
bulls destroyed a lot of
material like there fence.
Travis never figured out how
Aliss did it, but one day Arliss
was down at the drinking
pond and he caught a baby
bear and held on the foot of
the baby bear.The momma
bear came and was going to
go and kill Arliss. Travis
new he wasn't going to make
it to save Arliss when there
came yeller fighting off the
bear, yeller getting his butt
kicked created enough time
for Travis to grab Arliss and
get out of there
-Travis takes little Arliss
and yeller out squirrel
hunting and he finds out
how good of a hunter yeller
is .
- Travis mother got nerves one
day when the cow that she thought
was going to be the best milker went
missing so she sent out Travis to look
for the cow they call spot. So Travis
and yeller went out they found the cow
with a calf. When Travis went in there
to get spot she charged him and
out of no where yeller grabbed her
ear and brought her down. yeller
herded spot back to home. Travis was
in shock he didn't know yeller was so
good at herding cattle.
- One day yellers owner came
and claimed yeller. They were so
close to giving yeller back but the
owner saw they were really attached
to yeller so he let them keep old yeller.
When the owner was about to leave
he told Travis about rabies.
-Travis figures that he has to
mark the hogs so he goes
out with yeller and they mark
all the hogs like usual yeller
did awesome. When he was
almost done marking and had
one grope to go he went to
mark them and made a risky
decision? He was on the side
of the hill and he was taking
the pigs up with his rope to
mark them and he slipped and
fell the hogs bit him up but not
as bad as they did to old yeller
because old yeller saved Travis.
-As soon as they heal from
all the cuts he is sitting out
on the porch and he sees
the one bull that got in the
it was acting weird and he
remembers what yellers
owner said about rabies
tells his mom to get a gun,
instead she runs down and
try to get Arliss the bull
was about to smasher her
when Travis shoot the bull.
-The next day they see spots acting
the same way so Travis followed
spot away from the home and shoot
her. His mom and Elisabeth started a
fire to burn the cow Travis didn't go
because he was still felling sick from
the hogs.
-At night Travis was getting worried
about the girl but he felt better
because yeller was with them when
he heard "Travis bring a gun". He
went down there running and he saw
yeller fighting a wolf.He put up his
gun and shoot.
His mom told him that was
crazy wolf with rabies.
He had to shoot old yeller
because he had rabies
-His dad came home with
the new horse for Travis
and Travis didn't want it.
-Dad finds out what happened
and try cheering Travis up.
doesn't work.
-Starts to gradually get better
Every thing works out at the end he gets old yeller pup and he starts to like yellers pup and felt a lot better about every thing.
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