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Rocket prezi



on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Rocket prezi

There are many factors to thInk about in a rocket launch. SIr Isaac Newton dIscovered gravItatIonal Force and establIshed three laws of motIon. Law number one #1 Law example law number two #2 law example law number three #3 law example Members Tim Nilan
Christopher Campos
Tyler Iosua
Juan Rubio S0L0
Project Nitro Project Purpose To teach science in an "easy to understand" way which involves inexpensive items or no-cost at all. Approx. cost Two (2) liter bottles: -($9.78) Small piece of cardboard: -(Free -$0.20) Lightweight air pump: -($6.50 - $7.28) Small square of wood as a launch base
-(Free - $3.00) How It affects performance of a rocket How It affects performance of a rocket How It affects performance of a rocket Air resistance makes the rocket
hot and slows it down during its
climb. Long wings for "bullet" reaction. (Failed Reaction) Duct Tape Thrust(fuel) coming from under the rocket throws up the rocket, which wants to stay at rest. Newton's 3rd Law of Motion is applied to the rocket because there will always be an equal and opposite reaction. For example all of the water molecules are being rushed out in the bottom and as a reaction to that the water rocket uses thrust to push it upward. What makes a rocket move? Heros ENGINE
spins in circles Our solution to the problem is to create a rocket form little to no cost and teach the science behind it. Thrust
Over Come weight
1st Law of Motion
Momentum distance and displacement. The main difference is distance is the total unit of meausurement. displacement is the dif.between the starting and ending point difference between There is a major . This pretains to our rocket becuase though the distance our rocket traveled is great the displacement is 0 Stability and Center of mass A stable rocket moves straight up
An unstable Rocket is unpredictable
Rocket must be balanced
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