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First Schleswig War

No description

Selena Dobson

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of First Schleswig War

First Schleswig War
First Schleswig War
Also known as "The Three Year War" First Schleswig War started on March 24, 1848 in Denmark and Northern Germany. The war included troops from Prussia and Denmark.
Who should control Duchies of Schleswig-Holestein.
Wanting to deafeat Denmark 7,000 Schleswig-Holstenish soilders under rule of General Krohn went to Flensborg on March 31.

When the 7,000 soilder landed, Krohn felt his army would be surrounded. He ordered his troops to withdraaw.

The Danes got to the Schleswig army before they retreated which ended in a Danish victory at the Battle of Bov on April 19.
In October of 1848 there was a conference in London that talked about how Denmark suggested a seperation of Schleswig from Holstein.
On January 27 the London Conferrence was supported by Great Britian and Russia.
The deal broke down
because of a refusal from Denmark.

July 10
On July 10 another truce was signed. It stated that Holestein was to be governed by a leader or ruler from the German Empire.

In April, Prussia tired of being at war proposed peace for all and mutual rights.

Palmerston thought it was meaningless and wouldn't solve anything.

Denmark liked that in the tready the king of Denmark could run Holestin.
In May the Copenhagen government made an attempt to come to an understanding with everyone at war.
On January 28 a royal letter was set out that said unitary states would increase parliment powers.

Prussia approved this letter because it only affected Holestein and Lauenburg.

On May 8 the London Protocol was signed.
Schleswig, Holestein, and Lauenburg were joined by a union with the King of Denmark.
It was affrimed that the Duchies were to remain independent.
Schleswig wouldn't have any greater power over Denmark or Holestein.
This war didn't stop for long because fifteen years later the Second Schleswig war began.
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