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My Career "Youtuber"

No description

vicky bartolome

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of My Career "Youtuber"

Description Of Career:
When To Publish The Video And what The Video Is About.
Advantage Of Career
Youtube Is A Good Way To Broadcast Your Own Videos To The Whole World.
Disadvantage of Career
Some Videos Can Be Inappropriate without warning.
Why Did I Chose This Career?
I Chose This Career Because Its Easier To Get More Money And To Show Love And Express Myself To My videos.
Income Of The Career
You Can Make Over 5 Billion If You Keep Making Videos Each Week Or 2 Week.
Pictures Of Career
My Career...
My Career "Youtuber"
To Inspire People In Making Videos And To Work On A Lot Of Computer Settings And Editing Over Night.
Extras Of career
If You Make More Videos And Get More Views And Subscribers You Get More Money.
More Pics
This Is All I Need...
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