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Intensifiers(very,Too,Enough,Etc) and degree complement's (s

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on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Intensifiers(very,Too,Enough,Etc) and degree complement's (s

• Intensifiers like(very, too, extremely, quite and rather) • For example, How devoted is Denise?
• Denise is extremely devoted to her job.
• How hard a worker is she?
• She is quite a hard worker, and even spends her weekends at the office.
We can answer how questions about degree or
intensity with intensifiers or degree
Too,Enough,Etc) and degree complement's (so that, such that , Etc.)

• (
very, fairly, quite, rather, too
• You play soccer ............... well
• It is............ interesting.
• It is ............calm here.
• These students are....... noisy.
• She writes poems......... often.

Activities :
What intensifier are ?


How to use them ?
What does intensifier mean?
A modifier that has little meaning except to intensify the meaning it modifies.
intensifier; intensive
* We add a word that says something about adj or adverb ..
* Intensifiers can change the meaning of sentence
a liltle bit more ..
people use intensifiers to answer some thing like : How? , how much? how far ?

what was the movie like ?
It was good.

how good was it ?
very good
another name of intensifiers is
degree words
examples :

I think charles Dickens is a good writer.
I think charles Dickens is
good writer.

* English grammar is interesting
English grammar is

* John always drives fast
* John always drives
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