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Intro Shakespearean Gecko

Intro persentation 1

Emily Wang

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Intro Shakespearean Gecko

Shakespearean Gecko TVC Analysis Juanjuan Wang Background of the TVC Agenda

Backgound of the TVC

Rhetorical analysis

Problems and Opportunities



Advertising Agency, City: PUBLICIS THAILAND, Bangkok

Advertising Agency, City: PUBLICIS THAILAND, Bangkok

Executive Creative Director: Kitti Chaiyaporn

Creative Director: Kitti Chaiyaporn/Sahaath Limlucksana/Somchai Kiatluknachai

Copywriter: Jittra Thiuthipsakul

Art Director: Somboon Charukijphaisarn
Rhetoric Analysis reptilian version of Romeo and Juliet reasons for campaign choice My opinions Communication problems creative strategy Creative content Big crack body language Music Problems & Opportunities The TVC repeated viewings
audience reactions use personification as a tool Hyperbole approach use stunning art work "The Number one requirement is for an ad to captivate the heart and soul of the reader" ----Bill Oberlander Shakespearean Gecko makes the idea and the great art work happens together. Emotion appeal Strong impression "For many products, it is not the actual words of the message that determine its communication effectiveness but rather the impression or image the ad creates" (Belch,Kerr, Powell,2008) culture gaps THANK YOU! "Love Story" bulid invisibale cage around Cry or Laugh brings in mixed feelings personification human emotion
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