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To what extent should globalization shape identity?

No description

Mohamed Igal

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of To what extent should globalization shape identity?

To what extent should globalization shape identity?
By: Yosef Ali and Mohamed Igal 10B

To what extent is identity affected by communication technology and the media in a globalizing force?
to what extent can people respond to globalizing forces that affect identity?
Who are you?
Some Factors for peoples identity and what shapes who they are determine mainly on 3 things
-Family & Friends
-Interests & Talents
-Religions & Spiritual Beliefs
There are 3 types of identities:
Individual, Collective and Global
Your individual story includes more than information in documents
it describes your beliefs instead of groups beliefs and considers your traits opposed to group traits
it's when you are only thinking about yourself when you are describing yourself
Individual Identity
Collective identities refers to individuals in a group
Collective Identity
The sense of belonging to a collective group could be so strong it will make a persons personal identity even stronger
The identities of people around the world are connected through membership in other collectives
Global Identity
They are created as a result of shared interests and goals
Religion and Spiritual beliefs
Family & Friends
Interests & Talents
How do we express our individual identity?
Clothing and Adornments
How Do Collectives express who they are?
The main way collectives express who they are is...
What shapes who you are?
Chapter 3
Digital Divide
For example: Internet
Is the gap that separates people who do and do not have access to up to date digital technology
The 6 main factors that create digital divide are....
Lack of Motivation
Ideas and information spread for the purpose of achieving a specific goal
an example of propaganda is after the World war 2, journalists were giving bad thoughts about Jews to their audience
it is often referred to current cultural trends that are spread by commercial mass media
Pop Culture
It is a short term for "popular culture"
It is a combination of activities & Interests that a collective share
example: Singers, Shows and Games
The combining of elements of two or more different things to create something new
Language itself can take on hybrid forms.
Chapter 1
To what extent does globalization shape your identity?
Chapter 2
to what extent do identity and the forces of globalization shape each other?
Globalization forces
Communication technology
Dimensions that affect your identity
How do forces of globalization affect identity?
Countries reach out to each other for goods and services. Goods can be natural resources, clothing products, stocks and more.
Transnational corporations
Computers have revolutionized the way information flows.
An example is the internet.
Media convergence
Media concentration
Economies of scale
reduces biodiversity
Social dimensions affect banana workers that face low wages and unsafe working conditions
It also displaces indigenous peoples

erases the differences among people and they become more similar.
the cultural changes that occur when 2 cultures adapt to each others worldview
when people from different cultures come into contact and create space for one another. both cultures may be affected
when a minority group is absorbed by another culture.
ways to promote identity
cultural revitalization
for example: the Metis Nation of Alberta
universalization refers to trends and cultures that become world-wide.

http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=vbIvmlFDcaM
Chapter 4
to some people language is identity.that is why many cultures try to find strategies on how to affirm it.
Example: language is expressed through traditions, values and cultures.
How do people promote language?
how do people promote culture?
people find ways to avoid being fed into an industrial strength blender and promote culture.
For example: cultural revitalization
Cultural content laws: laws that prevent cultural identity from being dominated by another culture
Example: Official languages Act, 1969
cultural diversity: variety between cultures and identities of people around the world
Example: UNESCO
transportation is essential for trade. Various transportation forms have been used such as ships, trains, planes, etc.
The banana wars is an example of political dimensions of globalization.
The earth summit was a world-wide meeting that discussed ways to protect the environment.
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