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How to use Prezi

No description

danielle hallier

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of How to use Prezi

Double click anywhere & add an idea PREZI! The Zebra Bubble Menu Start By: This allows you to: Double Click anywhere to
start writing your ideas! Use the Zebra to ajust your
text to your preferance. Found in the top left screen Enlarge Rotate And Move your text The center Bubble(Write) allows you to
go back to writing after you edit somthing. Instert(i) allows you to
upload a picture or writing
utensil to use for creations of
your own. You can even insert animations! The Frame(F) bubble allows you to put
your words in distinct groups by clicking
on it and draging your mouse where you want
the frame. The Path(p) bubble allows your information
to be shown in the order which you like during
Show Mode. The Colors and Fonts bubble changes your
presentation backround colors
and styles. The Show(space button) bubble gives you
easy access to begin you presentation. How to use path! First:
you click on the Path or p to
open up the path options Second:
you click on your word groups
in order which you would like them to
be shown. If you preview you presentation and
dont like it, dont worry, if you click on the
path bubble again there is an option to delete
your path. Then you can start a new path again! By Danielle, Mildred, and Allison
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