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An overview of the contemporery artist, Stelarc.

Gronda Wonda

on 21 July 2011

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Transcript of Stelarc

Stelarc is a performance artist whos works evolve around concepts of technological and biological evolution. In his art, Stelarc aims to extend the parametres of his own body through the use of prosthetics, robotics and cyber technology. Stelarc has performed using a virtual hand, a third arm and a six legged exoskeleton. Stelarc has had an ear surgically implanted in his arm.
He used prosthetic materials in the ear and is using
stem cells to intergrate it into the body.
Stelarc has had two surgeries for the ear so far and in
the final surgery, Stelarc plans to have a wireless microphone
implanted in the ear that will be connected to the internet.
Allowing people in other places to listen to what the ear picks up. Stelarc Stelar has worked collaboratively with fellow artist Nina Sellar to create an installation known as 'Blender'. Blender is an instalation that contains subtaneous fat taken from Stelarc's torso and Nina's limbs through lyposuction, along with adrenaline, peripheral nerves, connective tissue, saline solution ext. The installation will churn the mixture every few minutes or so. The sound created by the device is subtly distorted and amplified, credited to Rainer Linz. Stelarc and Sellar both claim the artwork comes from their fascination with technology seen in alternative architectures and the workings of the human body. The work blender is meant to act as a comment on the interaction between evovling technology and the human body, in a society were the body is neither seen nor heard. Blender
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