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Interlynx Systems - Closed Loop Lead Management

No description

emily white

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Interlynx Systems - Closed Loop Lead Management

Interlynx Systems, LLC.
Closed Loop Lead Management
What to Expect
90% + lead posting rates.
Payback in months - often less than 6.
Increase lead quality, volume and reduce processing time.
3 month trial program - use it before you pay.
Integrates with CRM.
Simple implementation.
Distributors & reps love it.
Lead System Goals
Categorize and sort out low quality leads.
Make it simple for user and distributors.
Identify effective lead sources.
Close the loop with the customer.



Lead System Features
Leads are graded as Hot, Soft, Prospect.
Soft leads are automatically pre-qualified.
Leads can be mapped to CRM.
We accept all formats and organize them into one standard format:
Web Leads
Phone Logs
We organize them into one standard format. . .
Simple email update process requires no logins - simply update on status and submit.
Post the value and comments
Allows you to set a reminder to come back to the lead at a later date
Allows you to defer an update for a longer period until an opportunity develops.
Allows you to indicate why the lead does not show potential.
is an option if the other categories
don't fit
If leads are first sent to your salesperson; who can then select where they are next sent.
These can be customized to client criteria.
Lead Management Reports
By clicking the leads sent, you scale down the reports until you get the raw version.
Lead Management Reports
Comprehensive reports show follow up rates and even orders associate with your lead sources.
Lead Management Reports
Distributor Lead Summary Report
Lead location can be shown on Google Maps
The arrow shows you the distributor location on the map.
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