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Casey Study: Wendy Peterson

No description

Bridget Cahill

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Casey Study: Wendy Peterson

Issues within the Case Study
Wendy Peterson
Personality& Values
Leadership vs. Management
Power &Conflict
Fred Wu
Personality & Values
Culture of Workplace
HRM- Interviewing process
Job Satisfaction
Attittudes & Behavior
Power & Conflict
Efficiency & Job Performance
Cave, Fire or Find an Alternative?
Bridget Cahill, Courtney Wilson, Jingru Guan
Wendy Peterson's Annual Review of Fred Wu
Peterson, Manager at Account Back has concerns with one of her employees, Fred Wu
Wu has landed one client within his first year which was within the Chinese Market
Disconnection between Peterson and Wu exists
Lastly Wu requests an assitant
Created back-office accounting software for small to medium businesses
Renewal rate was 25% above the industry 's average
Most firms were retained for at least 4 years
In 2010...
Earned nearly 100 million in revenue
400 employees, 10 regional offices
A boom of off-shelf accounting software and weaker economy
Three of regions missed their targets
Out with old and in with the new CEOs and VPs
Sales Organization
Salespeople's role:
Landing new clients
Maintaining relationships
AccountBack's Service team was responsible for day-to-day and changes to accounts
Recently Hired by Wendy Peterson at AccountBack
Zero Experience in Related Field
Strong success as an entrepreneur
Born and raised in China
Eager to Learn
Personality and Values
Personality& Values
Can be defined as the sum total of ways in which an individual reacts to and interacts with others
Personality along with general cognitive ability are two major aspects of job-related behaviors
The Big 5 Personality Traits
Traits: Continuous, relatively enduring specific personality characteristics or dispositions
Wendy's & Fred's Personalities
Not Agreeable
High Openness to Experience
Not Agreeable
Not Neurotic
Moderate Openness to Experience
Leadership vs. Management
The ability to influence a group toward the achievement of goals
The use of inherent authoiry in disgnated formal rank to obtain compliance from organizational members
Leadership vs. Management
Situational Leadership Theory
Is Fred willing and able to follow Wendy's Leadership?
Fred is able but doesnt appear to willing so what should Wendy do?
How can Wendy become a more effective leader?
Essential Leadership Traits
Emotional Intelligence
Power & Conflict
: The capacity that person A has to influence the behavior of person B, so that person B acts in accordance with A's wishes

Power is a function of dependency
The more person B depends on person A, the more power person A has over person B
Does Wendy have power over Fred?
Power & Conflict
Can conflict be a good thing?
Conflict in the workplace is inevitable and cannot be avoided but can be positive
The Key is to support good conflict and prevent bad conflict

Power & Conlflict
Fred and Wendy have a low level of cooperation going on which creates competition between the two
Fred and Wendy need to come an understanding of the source of their conflict and understand each other's intentions before selecting a strategy to resolve their conflict
Power & Conflict
How can Fred and Wendy make their conflict positive?
Compromise with each other
Accommodate each other's expectations
Collaborate to achieve their common goal
What is causing the communication issues between Fred and Wendy?
Cross-Cultural Communication:
communication across cultures can present many challenges due to :
Different communication styles
Different Norms
Wendy: Low context Culture
Fred: High Context Culture
A former Ivy Leaguer who joined AccountBack after graduating
Excelled as a junior manager
Moved from managing clients to sales
Described as a "Doer"
Managing in Plano, Texas
Youngest VP at AccountBack
11 sales people and 3 sales assistants, 4 veterans
Mixed reviews of her managements
Dismay mainly came from the actual change in leadership and not specifically from Peterson
Comments of her leadership include:
hands- on

The Chinese Market
In Plano, there existed a cluster of businesses owned by Chinese entrepreneurs
In order to penetrate market, she needed to hire the "right" salesperson
No one within the firm was familiar with the Chinese culture
For the new position there was a plethora of choices
Wu's First Months on the Job
Wu was very engaged with his colleagues and a dedicated student
Arrived early and stayed late almost everyday
He was praised across the company
He enjoyed the role of being an expert
Establishing Sales Targets
Wu believed that AccountBack's short-term goals would conflict with his approach to landing clients
Peterson altered her sales goals for his first
His circumstance was "special"
Performance Inconsistencies
Wu did not fit Peterson's style
He did not keep daily contact
Worked outside of the office more than "normal"
Had various meetings, which conflicted with AccountBack activities and meetings
Office Conduct
Passed on his knowledge to any fellow employee
Very private with his work
Spoke only about work within the workplace
First Account Signed
$400,00 account within the Chinese Market
Solidified Peterson's belief in her own strategy
Wu resisted turning over his new account to the AccountBack Services Team
He was very involved after landing this client
Add-On Services
Months later, Peterson inquired increases in revenue from Wu's account
It was because of expensive add-ons that Wu approved
This was against company policy
Peterson questioned Wu's intentions
Wu had legtimate proof that it was upon request by his client
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