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The Perception of Gay Culture in Japan

No description

Georgina Shepherd

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of The Perception of Gay Culture in Japan

Portrayal in Literature.
Great mirror of male love (Ihara Saikaku)
Wounding of the arms
Woodblock Paintings/ Spring Paintings
Tale of Genji (Lady Murasaki Shikibu)
Chrysanthemum's pledge (Akinari Ueda)
The Blue Hood (Akinari Ueda)
Portrayal in Manga
Gay culture within the Monasteries
Nanshoku relationships
Deities of 'Nanshoku'
Gay Culture in the Military
The 'Ennobling effect'
Gay culture within the Middle-class
Georgina Shepherd & Yasmin Locmelis
The Perception of Gay Culture in Japan
Homosexuality in Japanese History
Portrayal in Literature
Portrayal in Manga
The Media's perception in Japan

The Media perception in Japan.
Background info.

Yaoi - Shonen Ai - Boys love.
Patterns in relationships
The butt of a joke
Onna-poi [Feminine]
Feminine vs. Masculine
Fan service
rabu-chu nyuu - Love injection!! ラブ注入
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Watanbe Tsuneo: The loves of a samurai: A thousand years of Japanese homosexuality, page 15.
Watanbe Tsuneo: The loves of a samurai: A thousand years of Japanese homosexuality, page 74.
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