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Kitchen Utensils and Their Functions

No description

Nichole Anderson

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Kitchen Utensils and Their Functions

Kitchen Utensils
and Appliances Names and Functions tongs round cake pan double boiler thermometer meat fork or
kitchen fork rubber spatula rolling pin Used to turn or lift foods while cooking. Used to bake a cake or rolls in Used to cook delicate foods.
This type of heat is more gentle
than direct heat. Used to scrape sides of bowls
and for mixing. Measures the temperatures of
some foods. Holds meat and poultry for slicing. Flattens dough into thin even layers. Chocolate and Cheese Meat and Candy Keeps cakes and baked goods covered, fresh, and moist. cake saver Allows air to circulate around baked goods to help them cool wire cooling rack Used to bake pies. Pie pan Used to separate solids from liquids or
to sift small amounts of ingredients. strainer Opens bottles and can punch holes into cans. bottle opener Used to serve soups, stews, sauces, and punch. ladle Used to measure dry ingredients. dry measuring cups Used to level dry ingredients, spread frosting... metal spatula Used to slice bread and tender vegetables such as tomatoes. serrated knife Thinly peels potatoes, carrot, cucumbers, and apples. peeler Used for:
braising frying pan / skillet Used for baking cookies and bar cookies. baking pan/ jelly roll pan Used to bake cakes, brownies,
and bar cookies. square baking pan Used for grating, shredding, and slicing fruits and vegetables and cheeses. grater Measures small amounts of ingredients including solid, dry, and liquid. measuring spoons Used to beat, blend and mix foods. rotary beater Removes food from liquid. slotted spoon Measures cooking and baking times. kitchen timer Used for small cutting jobs.
Slicing paring knife Removes can lids. can opener (hand) Bakes cupcakes and muffins. cupcake pan
muffin tin Used for stirring or mixing foods.
Can be used with hot foods. wooden spoon Used to bake angel food, sponge, and chiffon cakes. tube cake pan Used to bake pizza. pizza pan Protects counter top and knife blades. cutting board Used to flip foods. turner Bakes cookies, rolls, and biscuits. cookie sheet Holds the ingredients you are mixing. mixing bowls Used for cutting open packages, cutting herbs, soft foods, dough, dried fruits...... kitchen shears Used to measure liquid ingredients such as milk, oil, water. liquid measuring cup Used to chop, dice and mince fruits and vegetables. chef's knife Used for cooking things on top of the stove. sauce pan Used for rinsing fruits and vegetables and draining cooked foods. colander
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