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Setting Up Your First Classroom

No description

Ryan Scott

on 28 June 2018

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Transcript of Setting Up Your First Classroom

Setting Up Your First Classroom
A Memory Test...
Think of your own primary classrooms as a child. What is the MAIN thing you remember about it?

Get To Know The REAL boss...
Be friendly with the caretaker, cleaners & school admin staff!
Share Everything With Your Class ...
Welcome to the profession
You are at the most exciting part of your teaching career
Ryan Scott - Assistant Headteacher
Holne Chase Primary School

Try to get into your classroom early ... if you are able then get in when there is no furniture so you can design the layout yourself!!!
Put Information On Display
Zone Out
e.g. "Messy Area" for messy work
Don't Forget About Cooking!!!
The children in my key stage
that I explain how cooking can help teach hard ideas!
Be Organised
STAY Organised!!!!
Use Space Creatively
Don't forget to zoom in Mr S!!!
Seriously ... Every Bit of Space!
Think of why you want to have display... Are displays moving learning forward or celebrating achievements?
Embrace your inner OCD!
Train Independence
The more
can do the more
can do
Teacher's Pet
Maths Dictionary
Make Areas Inviting
Class Story
Make Displays Exciting
They take a lot of time but they are really worth the effort. Make displays interactive and exciting. Check with your school’s policy but you may not have to put up EVERY piece of work.
Begin your own children’s library. Have a shelf of your books that you have read and can recommend.
Who'd have thought a PE hoop, gold wrapping and toilet rule tubes could create a mummified scene!!!
Post-its on walls and windows with a title and blurb - instant (ish) display
Take photos of all
the displays that you do.
Use All 5 Senses in the Room...
Does it look nice!
Does it feel nice!
Does it smell nice!
Does it sound nice!
Does it taste nice!

Use Items Creatively
Become a friend of sales and charity shop bargains!!!
Inject Your Personality
You are going to be spending an enormous amount of time in there so make sure that it is comfortable for you. As well as the children.

Have music playing.
Try putting on the Mission Impossible Theme when getting changed for PE!
Focus on a specific artist / genre for the week.
Follow me at ...

100 years from now it will not matter what car I drove, the house I lived in or how much money was in my bank account. But the world WILL be different because I was important to the life of a child.
Have a "professional" social media account.
That way you can show everybody all the great work you are doing.
Make your reading area a place where it is nice to snuggle with a book it's also great for class stories
But don't be scared to go outside for story time as well!
Photographers of the week ...
Quick wins ...
Have fun though
Why you will be better ...
zoom in if you know how!
music of the week
inflatables & horns
... a shout out for silliness
When was the last time you conducted an orchestra?
Trips, Visitors & Being Unique
... enjoy them & create ELE's
Embrace your inner POPPY
I bet by now we are running out of time!!!!
Keep Learning & Up To Date ...
Just a few random thoughts...
including online
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