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Muscular and Flexibility- Project Milestone 1

I chose to create a Prezi because it is an innovative slideshow tool that captures the attention of a young audience.

Kyle Paxton

on 1 May 2011

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Transcript of Muscular and Flexibility- Project Milestone 1

Muscular and Flexibility
Project Milestone 1
-Kyle Paxton

Muscular and Flexibility Training Benefits of Muscular and
Flexibility Training 1. It is a healthy way to reduce stress:
much better than drinking, overeating, etc.
2. I will reduce the risk of diseases and
problems in my major muscle joints.
3. I will live a longer, healthier life.
4. I will experience adrenaline rushes and
an general increase in my everyday mood.
5. I will make new friends in my quest to
be a happier, healthier me. Quadriceps- Front of Upper Leg
Pectoralis- Chest
Hamstring- Back of Upper Leg
Latisimus Dorsi- Lower Back
Gastrocnemius- Back of Lower Leg (Calf Muscle)
Triceps- Back of Upper Arm
Trapezius- Upper Back
Biceps- Front of Upper Arm
Deltoids- Shoulders
Abdominals- Lower Trunk Major Muscle Groups Muscles- permit movement
and maintain posture Tendon- connects muscle
with bone Ligaments- connect bone
to bone Joints- allow movement
and provide
mechanical support
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