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No description

viktor Mendez

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of textile

INNOVA TTEXTIL Textiles TTEXTIL INNOVA dedicated to the production of clothing, fabric, thread, fiber and related products of very high quality, this company is brand new, but the project was developed with high professionalism. Since in this region there is a company that meets the needs, we helping the economy generating jobs and providing excellent customer service. mission We are a cutting edge at all times to ensure that our products have elegance and quality that our customers deserve and demand ensuring reliability. Being a recognized, distinguished and demanding in the textile world, focused on elegance and cutting edge meeting the requirements of the quality standards established in the country and the company well to face national and international markets. 1. Meeting the needs of customers for a good image with the same company.
2. Attracting the attention of the most demanding customers in the region to greater credibility.
3. Achieving good level accreditation and recognition region mainly the shortest time possible.
4. Provide the necessary attraction to our products.
5. Making our sales are acquired and even wanted to continue to grow the most.
6. Educate staff about issues such as mission, vision and values of the company.
7. Clarify the roles of each administrative unit for maximum effectiveness.
8. Make a selection for further recruitment and integration of personnel required.
9. Designs Innovation in terms of new products every day.
10. Update and make best use of the plant and machinery required mara greater performance. vision objectives LOYALTY HONESTY RESPECT KINDNESS FORTRESS JUSTICE PRUDENCE

VALUES PRUDENCE manager supervisor technical industrial executive offices Body secretary designer assistant manager lic. Benito Acuña lic. Maximino Hernandez lic. Viktor Méndez Jonathan Hernandez Lic.Efrain Garrido thanks Innova "captivate your emotions" viktor Max Jonathan Efrain Paco
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