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The Great Gatsby- Themes and overall purpose

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Piggy's United

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby- Themes and overall purpose

Violence is a key theme in The Great Gatsby, main parts of violence come from the characeter Tom, an ex-footballer and he uses his strength to intimidate people. Fitzgerald uses cars to show the violence and badness of wealth, in the climax of the novel someone dies by a car.
Theme 1

Class is a big theme, by having the East and West Egg deeply divided, This is unusual for an american novel. since the american dream is where everyone is equal, black and white and all different classes are treated equally.
The People.
The people who have visited Gatsby only because of his parties and some because of his wealth and connection and have not even visited his funeral at the End of the movie is a very big theme which shows the true colors of life and betrayal.
Decay is a very appropriate theme for the Great Gatsby, the word 'decay' is constantly being brought up. It is specific to this novel because it is based on the American Dream falling apart.
World War I
Since this novel is set in the nineteen twenties it is the theme of war is unavoidable, Gatsby only came into contact with Daisy (upper class) because he was a soldier in The Great War. The war gave Gatsby opportunities to travel the world and earn some money.
The Great Gatsby- Themes and overall purpose
This is a big theme because the American dream goes against all the religious ideas, in the book Fitzgerald chooses to use Religious troops in his novel.
Main purpose
of his novel
Fitzgerald portrays 1920s America as a place that is falling apart, 'decaying' because of the greed and corruption of American people.
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