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How do you know if something is alive or dead?

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Elizabeth Mikkelson

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of How do you know if something is alive or dead?

Let me ask you something.
Can you tell if something is living? If you can't, you'd best finish reading this Prezi. If you can, read this Prezi anyways. I'm not trying to force you or anything, but just bear with me.
The 9 characteristics of living things is a way to tell if something is alive or not alive. You have to be able to say yes to all of these questions to be able to prove that whatever you are trying to prove is alive.
What are the 9 characteristics of living things?

All living things are made from the same basic chemical ingredients.
Statement 1
Living things are composed of cells.
Cells-basic building blocks of life.
Statement 2
Living things require water and a source of food/energy.
Statement 3
All living things can reproduce and grow.
Statement 4
All living things have limited lifespans. Dead organisms are food for live ones.
Statement 5
Living things respond to their surroundings. Homeostasis: maintaining a balanced internal environment.
Statement 6
Living things have the ability to move
Statement 7
How do you know if something is alive or dead?
By: Elizabeth Mikkelson
At the end of this, you will be able to tell someone, whether something is alive or not by using the 9 characteristics of living things.
Question 1
Is it made up of the same stuff as you?
Question 2
Is it made of cells?
Question 3
Does it need water and food?
Question 4
Can it have babies, and does it grow?
Question 5
Will it eventually die?
Question 6
Does it change throughout the year?
Question 7
Can it move?
Statement 8
Living things are able to repair injuries. Some living things can regrow body parts (if not to severe)
Question 8
Can it heal itself?
Statement 9
Living things can undergo change overtime.
Question 9
Did it or will it evolve or change?
Now you are ready.
You are now able to tell someone else if something is alive or dead by using the 9 characteristics of living things! Have fun!
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