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The evolution of the car

No description

Caleb Thompson

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of The evolution of the car

Invention of first steam powered road vehicle (January 1779-July 1884)
Nicholas Cugnot, a French military engineer, invents the first steam powered road vehicle, using a steam engine and a three-wheeled cart. However, it moved at walking speed but still helped the French Army.
The Evolution of the car
Caleb Thompson

Toyota unveils the Prius (January 1997)
Toyota, seeking to make individual travel fit for the future, presents the Prius. It is the first mass production hybrid road car.
First time a car hits 1000km/h (October 1970
As man seeks to go faster and faster on land, the rocket car "Blue Flame" tops 1000km/h in Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA.
Carl Benz invents the automobile (January 1886)
Carl Benz invents the first fueled automobile. The German Business Magazine invested in him and his company and this event made the front page of that magazine.
Ford Model T goes into production (October 1908)
Henry Ford produced the model T, which had a 20 horsepower, four-cylinder engine, that reached a top speed of 45mph. It had 13-21 mpg and weighed 544 kilograms.
Ferdinand Porsche designs the VW Beetle. It has fulfilled a good role and has gone on to be one of the world's most popular and memorable automobiles.
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