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Today's Resume

No description

Fanni Sebe

on 1 November 2014

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Transcript of Today's Resume

Thuesday, 25th February 2014
New kid on the block
Problem solving view and customer approach
Let's talk about the studies
Experiences so far
2001 - 2010:

Dobó István Secondary School, Eger, HUNGARY
Neumann János Economics Secondary School, Eger, HUNGARY

Spoken languages:

English, fluent speaking
achieved language exam in advanced level
something about the short-term
Sebe Fanni (22)

As freshly graduated, I started to work at Anheuser-Busch InBev, a leader beer producer and trader in August 2013.
My positions and duties were:
Invoice Matching for German market

Account reconciliation specialist for German market
Collaborative team player.
This is what I consider myself due to experiencing and gaining a lot of skills during a period when the company faced a lot of structure changes which had a big impact on all the employees. Surely it could work out only in collaborative environment.
A rubric for hobbies and other personal interests
freshly graduated in business administration
Today's Prezumé
an apparently lost accountant at a Belgian beer company
desperate lover of gastronomy and 70's music
proud to be a backpacker

SMK Abdul Jalil Hulu Langat, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Corvinus University of Budapest, BA in Business Administration, Budapest, HUNGARY
German, proficient speaking
picked as first foreign language
summer language school in Munich (2012)
currently working for German market
... and some practical Malay knowledge indeed
At least this is what a recent research, my thesis work claims. Apparently project management is the hot topic of business studies these days. As researching managerial and operational level based project managing and therefore inner process flow improvement, my thesis was about project optimization. The focus group based researches and interviews were made in order to find possible solutions for planing and acting more efficiently and successfully while managing projects and developments. This is how I got close first with the agile method and its different approaches in a fast moving environment.
I adapted fast to the multinational environment

... but still looking for more creativity and self-expression
So how are these accounting based activities related with customer service and being research oriented as well?
multileveled customer service compliance with business and back-office departments
root cause analysts when everything seems to be going wrong - targeted workflow development
working under customer based lean approached management
challenging constantly the unsatisfied vendors' needs
dealing efficiently with pressure
Achieved and gained
Whatever else
Adapting fast
- which is significantly important when working in any fast moving environment. Having the chance to vertically move within 5 months to quite a prestigious position says that I am a reliable worker. My current one-person position proves also that I am confident in my work not only as a team-player, but as an independent thinker.
Being efficient in a team as well as on an individual level
. There was a much needed re-allocation of work due to the increasing backlog while not having enough heads. Beside of experiencing such a pressure and dealing with the situation what I've also benefited from. So the smart thing is pointing out each one's strength in order to match them with the fields, where those pros are the best utilized.
... and also did bungee jumping in the awesome Queenstown of New Zealand
Open minded travel soul in many aspects.
At the age of 16 I have applied to full-year cultural exchange program in Malaysia, that I successfully achieved, therefore I had the chance to stay with a Malay host family and attend a local high school in 2007-2008. Beside of the language learning, going through adventures, facing many cultural differences , this experience really opened my eyes as well as my attitude for people, customs and cultures all over the world.

As returning from there, I did volunteering work at the Hungarian institute of this organization, which meant organizing and constructively participating at several orientations held for those who picked Hungary as exchange year destination for them.
That is me hidden behind :)
As finishing my BA studies, I still want to develop and deepen my knowledge in specific fields. Namely marketing and brand management, that really attract my focus. Beside my interest about brand building, I consider it a very important scope when it comes to sales and basically any business. I can see the challenges and advantages these fields can offer to in today's media and smartphone driven youth culture.

Otherwise I am looking forward to apply to the courses of the newly opened Google Studio in the 8th district.
I feel so free..
when it comes to food. And this is it, I am really keen on cooking, baking and experiencing as many tastes as possible. My most beloved cuisines are Indian and Thai, and my new love is the bread making.
although it's some ultimate veggie dish...
... and when I do snowboarding. I've been doing it for 6 years after some longer period of skiing, but I was looking for more challenges as well as maybe for some more risk.
the relaxing part of it
Why should Prezi take Fanni Sebe?
Because of my curiosity and love
about the youthful and creative attitude that the company has. I would be really happy about getting the chance to utilize this passion in real.
Because of the required smart communication and self-starter skills. Moreover combining them with some mentioned interests of mine, you could really benefit from this young enthusiasm.
Because Prezi seems to be a perfect place for thought-provoking.
(since February)
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