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BlueWee- The Next Best Thing in Kitchen

The Next Best Thing in Kitchen

chea kiatheong

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of BlueWee- The Next Best Thing in Kitchen

Q&A Session Market Research
Company Name: Bluewee
Slogan/ company tagline: “Subvert Your Imagination.”
Product Name: BW New Gen. 1050

Price: RM 10999

Launching of BW New Gen.1050 Customer Service
1) 5 + 5 years limited warranty
First 5 years, get a one-to-one replacement
In the following 5 years, customers will be eligible for new spare parts exchange

2) Free of Charge yearly servicing
Cleaning of filtration system
Vacuum cleaning
Sensor testing
Application updating Energy & Warranty: BLUEWEE
MARKET RESEARCH RESULT In conclusion, with BW-NewGen1050, one is able to save up to RM6,000 in 10 years! Price of a Normal Refrigerator > RM 9,999
Rough Electricity Bill for a Normal Household
RM 150 (Air-cond) + RM50 (etc) + RM100 (Fridge) = RM300
Yearly expenditure on electricity bill for fridge : RM100 X 12 = RM1200
Cost for 10 years = RM12,000

Price of BW NewGen1050 > RM 10,999
With BW-NewGen1050
RM100 (Fridge) but instead RM50 (Fridge) Monthly
BW-NewGen1050 yearly expenditure: RM50 X 12 = RM600
Cost for 10 years = RM6,000 Why choose us? Target Market AIM:
Come out with new concept and idea every year
This is the new concept and idea for 2012. WHO ARE WE? BlueWee
“Subvert your Imagination” Battery Backup System:
Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Solar Energy :
PHOTOVOLTAICS Waste “No More” & Save Time :
TRANSPARENCY Fresh filter Digital sensor Screen panel 60cm 90cm 170cm Height : 170 cm
Width : 90 cm
Depth : 60 cm
Weight : 137 kg
Total Capacity : 513 Liter
Freezer Capacity : 326 Liter BlueWee
“Subvert your Imagination” Product Design Unstated Need :
After Sales Service Real Need: To Boast/ Show Off Delight Need : Free Home Delivery, Installation & Demonstration States Need: Excellent Features & Great Looks Secret Need: Savvy & Classy Refrigerator Storage Freezer Storage Water & Ice Dispenser 3) 24 hours customer care-line
Number: 1050-10-1050
Service center available nationwide
Operation hours at 9am-6pm (Mon – Sat)

4) LCD touch Panel 2+2 years limited warranty Help & Support:
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