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New England in the 1690's

No description

Gabby Findlay

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of New England in the 1690's

What type of people settled in Massachusetts? Jourdan Gabby How did they survive? Social Structure & Hierarchies Avery Upper Class Clergyman Middle Class Farmers or land owners
Shop or business owners
This was the largest group in New England Society Lower Class Black slaves and indented white servants
Very few slaves in New England Social classes in the 1690's were similar to what we have today based on a person's
Financial wealth
Material possessions The first European settlers in Massachusetts, the Pilgrims, established their settlement at Plymouth in 1620, and developed friendly relations with the native Wampanoag. Most early settlers came from within 60 miles (100 km) of Haverhill, England. The Pilgrims were soon followed by more Puritans who established the Massachusetts Bay Colony at present-day Boston in 1630. Lower Class Upper Class Middle Class New England in the 1690'S By:
Jourdan Rivera
Gabby Findlay
Jenny West
Avery Choe What type of people settled?
How did they survive?
What were their main fears and anxieties?
What was their social structures/hierarchies? What were their main fears and anxieties? Jenny A Clergyman was considered the highest person in the town because the Puritan's life was based on religion. Wealthy business men were also in this class. Social Classes in 1690 Class differences existed but were not as extreme as in England.
Everybody was considered equal in the eyes of God. Sources Jourdan


Avery http://www.usahistory.info/colonial/population.html






http://surinamslavery.blogspot.com/ Thank You Regardless of New England's spiritual tumult, its white settlers population continued to rise.
The towns imported their customs, tools, and livestock as other land became harder to obtain.
Native Americans of the area tried to adapt to the changes but still hold onto their customs.
They looked to settle an agreement with the colonial government to keep their rights and lifestyle they are familiar with. A big fear the colonists had was the Salem witch trials. If you believed in astronomy, alchemy or were interested in anything that could be witchcraft, you would be killed. People had to be very careful what they believed in and said. http://www.englishonlinecalifornia.com/resources/units/crucible/background.html

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