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Day of the Dead: Sugar Skulls

No description

Teri Lesnar

on 16 October 2018

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Transcript of Day of the Dead: Sugar Skulls

What is the "Day of the Dead"?
Dia de los Muertos is a holiday that originated in Mexico. It is for remembering and honoring those who have passed. It is a festive, joyous time of celebration.


Sugar skulls are made as gifts during the Day of the Dead. They are made with bright, happy, colors and full of cool
! Calaveritas de azucar, or sugar skulls, along with toys, are left on the altars for children who have passed. The skull is used not as morbid symbol but rather as a whimsical reminder of thier of life, which is why they are brightly decorated.
"Dia de Los Muertos"

The Day of the Dead
It takes place on October 31 - November 2 of each year. During this time it is believed that the souls of family members and friends return to earth to visit and rejoice with their loved ones.

Decorations are when we add certain, colors, lines, or shapes to BEAUTIFY something.
Symbols are images that represent a feeling or an idea. They are colors, lines and or shapes that REPRESENT something.
Other Popular Symbols during the DAY OF THE DEAD...
A type of marigold flower native to Mexico, is often placed on
and around graves. With their strong scent and vibrant color the petals are used to make a path that leads the spirits from the cemetery to their families’ homes.
Monarch butterflies play a role in Día de los Muertos because they are believed to hold the spirits of the departed. This belief stems from the fact that the first monarchs arrive in Mexico for the winter each fall on Nov. 1, which coincides with Día de los Muertos.
The ofrenda is a central component
The ofrenda is often the most recognized symbol of Día de los Muertos. This temporary altar is a way for families to honor their loved ones and provide them what they need on their journey. They place down pictures of the deceased, along with items that belonged to them and objects that serve as a reminder of their lives.

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