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Body Shaming: Why do people do it?

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on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Body Shaming: Why do people do it?

What is body shaming?
The simplest definition of body shaming is shaming someone because of their body type.
Why do we body shame others?
We body shame others for many reasons:
Why is this important?
Has been important issue for awhile now
Body shaming can go as far as to cause someone to commit suicide
Seen a lot brought up in
>social media
Body Shaming: Why do people do it?
A more in depth definition is the inappropriate, negative statements and attitudes towards another person's weight or size.
Body Shaming in 2015

For example
: Easier to make body-shaming comments than to feel vulnerable and defeated. Or also because if we feel bad about ourselves we make others believe the same to make us seem not as bad.
Chi Dinh & Gabby Sugiyama
1-4 Human Services

"She'd be prettier if she was skinnier"

"He's so fat, it's disgusting"

"How can someone be skinnier than a toothpick"

"Her body is no way 'goals'"
Body Shaming comes in different ways:
1) Criticizing others in front of them:
"You are never going to get a boyfriend with that body"

2) Criticizing others behind their back:
"Did you see how fat she became?"

3) Criticizing yourself:
"I'm fat."
"I am too skinny.."
"I hate my fat\skinny body"
"I'm so fat\skinny compared to her"
Most importantly
In society there will always be people criticizing you, whether you are too 'fat' or too 'skinny'. because everyone has their own views. Some are personal but majority of the way we view other people's body is because of the things we see on TV, Magazines, Movies, etc
Are men also affected?
Who does this affect?
Who body shames?
Who started it?
Why me?
Is it my fault?
Is body shaming a good thing?
What is good enough?
What are the effects?
We body shame because we believe things the media tells us.
Sometimes its because we want to feel stronger or better about ourselves, so we put others down.
Our opinion?
This is important because we should all be aware that we are all created differently. We are one of a kind and shouldn't be shamed for that
The line between

"Love yourself for who you are"


"You are killing yourself with your lifestyle and you need to change."
Body shaming is no laughing matter. In fact, many people are affected by this "belief" of meeting today's expectations in Society. In society there are 'Ideal' images of what a perfect body is or what is actually good enough.
But when is it enough?
When am I enough?
When are you enough?
You are enough when you think you are enough, but how is that possible and how can others believe they are enough when media is saying they aren't.
You will never be enough if you don't believe you are. It's all about the mindset and whether you are happy and healthy.
If you were to ask an honest answer from the people in this world whether you are enough for society, then the answer would be no. It's not because you, yourself if not enough but the way the way other's believe is not enough. You, being yourself and created the way you were created is enough in this world, but for society, no one is enough because we were believed that we were never enough unless we have the "perfect body"
What is the perfect body?
"Perfect." Perfect can be anything to being skinny with a thigh gap to being curvy with a big butt. We would believe we are not enough if we didn't look like Victoria Secret models, but in everyone's eyes, we have a different term of what is the 'perfect body'
That is what makes body shaming so hard to fix, for it to come to an end because everyone else has a different view on what their perfect body is, whether its on someone else or on them.
Everyone is. No one is safe when it comes to body shaming and its sad because we all have once commented on another person's body. We all have body shamed whether we know it or not.
Even celebrities and models...
“Before,” Kim Kardashian told C–meaning before North West was born–"I was always smiling, and so into being out and about. After I had the baby, I was like, ‘These are the same people that made fun of me, and posted the stories that were so awful, calling me fat for something I couldn’t control."
How About Men?
Men are victims of body shaming just as much as women
"He's too skinny"
"...too muscular"
How is this relevant to ignorance?
People shame others for many reasons
1) Others are shaming, so they follow the crowd (even if they don't want to)

2) Personal bias:
> Own opinion on people
"Overweight people are unhealthy"

3) Outdated world views

4) Sensationalizing:
>Media likes to put the light on celebrities
ex: So and so has gained weight, what happened?
Personal bias +outdated world views + sensationalizing
On the contrary:
Is the victim taking this too seriously?
On the other end, the person who may be body shaming could possibly be joking
>Are people oversensitive?
>Big deal out of nothing?
Maybe in the long haul, it could benefit the victim
>Different views of their body, etc.

What do you think?
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