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Teen Succeed

No description

Matthew Saari

on 10 February 2017

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Transcript of Teen Succeed

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By Matthew Saari
Teens Succeed
This project was done by Gavin Maloney and Benjamin Pino.
They did a extendable windmill.
They built the project themselves using pvc pipes and it is a great source of alternative energy.
Patrick O'Connor and Gui Florencia. these two tested to see if magnets can create electricity they learned that they couldn't create electricity but instead they found out that they got sound waves instead.
Nicole Nelson. Fresh picked or fixed she did a test on if the different items to see which items were picked fresh and what items were fixed up to look like it.
Egg substitutes. This project was made by Kayla Swisher and this project was made to have a substitute for eggs.
Asiya Ussi. She made a portable food and drink maker so when you are on the go you can bring your meal on the go.
Amelia Herlong. The physics of video games she wanted to see what the difference of the jump height in video games and in real life.
Erin Dagle. Temperature effects on battery performance was her project an what she learned that batteries are less effective when they are cold then then if they are hot
Meghan Holland. Her project was on how temperature effect on solar panel charging rate she wanted to see if the solar panels gains less energy or gains more.
Zack Milton. He made a recyclable mattress so that we can stop throwing our mattresses away into landfills and causing more problems for the earth.
Corey Shea, David Rizzuto and Owen O' Brien. These three made A Very Grape Project, this project was test the effects weather had on the grapes
WBHS Science Fair students are trying to make advancements in science in order to further our knowledge in life.
This project is about ten different students showing off their science projects at the science fair.

Science Fair 2017
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