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Greg starts high school

No description

Bjorn Bolstad

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Greg starts high school

On his birthday he got lots of cards but he only wanted the money in them. He also got a few gifts.
Greg tried to listen to bad music
Greg got a hold of his older brothers CD that said parental warning he put it in the speakers but he forgot to use headphones and got caught.
Now it Halloween
greg and his friend go trick or treating but end up getting chased by a guy with a fake chain saw. when they got back there dad threw a bucket of water on them.
wresiling starts
greg starts wresiling class . he trys to work out but gives up.
Greg starts high school
Greg starts school and things do not go quite as expected.
Next is Gregs birthday
then he gets to preform in a play.
he gets to be a tree in a school that ends up as a big riot'.

now he gets a work bench but he gave up working out a long time ago so trys to act happy.
friend problems
Greg and his best friend go threw hard times and they both get new friends.
Lastly gregs old friend becomes popular and Greg is a nerd,
the end
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