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Classroom Policies & Procedures

No description

Aaron Finck

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of Classroom Policies & Procedures

* You must be inside the room prior to the bell ringing
* Just remember you only have a short period of time for Daily Understandings

We will learn a lot about science and how our physical, chemical & biological world works. We will have fun and learn to enjoy science class.

Remember you will only be as successful as you let yourself to be. I will guide you and teach you. It’s up to you to…


This year
Drills & Adults in the Classroom
Fire and Tornado Drills:
* Fire: Proceed to the side of the classroom and exit through the designated emergency door.
* Tornado: Proceed to room D120

Adults in the Classroom:
* Whomever the adults in the room are, they are in charge!

Dismissing from Class
* The last part of class belongs to everyone.
* During this time we might:
* Review items from class
* Complete a homework problem
* The bell is not your signal to leave the room. The signal will come from me

Entering the Classroom
* We start class immediately
* The first part of class belongs to everyone.

Bell Work & Passes
Bell Work - AKA: Daily Understandings
* On most days you will have some form of
bellwork. It might be questions, a paragraph, note review. You will have about 3-5 minutes of class time at the begin to complete bellwork. no exceptions.

* If you want to leave the classroom you must have your agenda book. No Exceptions!

Your Work
Determining Your Grade:
* Tests and Quizzes = 40%
* Assignments = 20%
* Labwork = 30%
* Daily Understandings = 10%

*Telling someone the answer is rarely helpful - it shows a lack of concern for your friend and it does not allow that person to learn the information to apply it to new situations or problems in the future.

* How should you help?
** Ask questions that will lead your friend to the correct solution
** Give hints
** Create an example to illustrate a particular concept.
** Let your partner do the writing
** Let your friend verbalize his or her confusion

* Be a guide and a leader - not a purveyor of answers

Guidelines for Helping
* We know our team members’ names
* We know what our instructions are and follow them
* If calculations are required, we work separately and then share
* We respect other people's ideas and efforts
* We respect the property of our group and the school
* We take responsibility for our actions
* Each of us participates in the discussion or activity
* We listen to each other’s ideas and help each other
* We complete all tasks to the best or our abilities
* We clean up after the activity
* We listen without interrupting
* We help to involve every member in the group
* We stay focused on the topic
* We are willing to have our own ideas questioned

Collaboration or Partner Expectations
I will always work, think, and behave in the best way I know how, and I will do whatever it takes for my fellow students and me to learn.

This also means that I will complete all my homework when assigned, I will call, email, or talk with Mr. Finck if I have a problem with the homework , and I will raise my hand and ask questions in class if I do not understand something.

What I can expect from you.
In Science you can expect the unexpected! But, the expectations are HIGH!
* If you need to sharpen your pencil, hold up your pencil.
* If I nod or say yes, go to the sharpener.
* At the sharpener, even though it is tempting, do not talk.
* Quickly & quietly go back to your seat. It is not a social tour.

Sharpening Pencils
Finishing Early & Attention
Finishing Early:
* There are times you will finish your work early. During these times, you may read your library book or any other quiet activity.

When I Need Your Attention:
* I will say EYES UP!!

Desktop Code & Passing in Papers
Desktop Code:
* Paper
* Pencil/Pen
* Necessary supplies
* All other items are OFF your work space
* Chrome book
Passing in Papers:
* Place completed assignments in your class hours box prior to sitting down for Daily Understanding. If it’s not in the box when the bell rings its late.

Your Papers
Always include:
* Name
* Date

**When turning in a paper

Complete Sentences:
* Absolutely!!!

I am responsible for my own behavior, and I will follow the teacher's directions. If I make a mistake, this means I will tell the truth to my teachers and accept responsibility for my actions.

What I can expect from you.

I will always behave to protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals in the classroom. This also means that I will always listen to all my Science Teammates and give everyone my respect.

What I can expect from you.
I will always teach in the best way I know how and do whatever it takes for my students to learn.

I will always make myself available to students and parents, and address any concerns they might have (emails, phone calls, conferences).

I will always protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals in the classroom.

What you can expect from me.
Tardy Policy
You can expect to:
* Work Alone
* Work in Pairs
* Work in Teams
* Teach Others
* Be Self-Paced
* Be Personally Responsible
* Work on Organization
* Work on Time Management
* Keep the Room in Good Operating Conditions
* Take Care of Equipment
* Learn A LOT of Science

* During lecture time and lab time your cell phone needs to be put away. If it is out and I see it the school’s cell phone policy will be enforced
* If you have a C or better in class you can use your cell phone to listen to music during times of independent work.
* If you are asking me a question BOTH ear buds must be out.

Cell Phone:
Friday Funday
Every Friday (except if there is a test) you will be given 15 minutes of free time. You can talk, listen to music, or what ever you want with in reason. The noise level needs to stay at a minimum and reasonable.
Here's the kicker: I get to determine if Funday Friday occurs!!

Your Work

Late Work - There is none! You don't turn in an assignment the resulting grade is a 0.

Absent Work - You have 2 school days to turn in the assignment or make up the work or it will result in a 0.

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