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Barrie APES: Main Themes of Chapter 1

Concepts from Chapter 1, hooray

Katherine Protil

on 19 September 2011

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Transcript of Barrie APES: Main Themes of Chapter 1

Main Themes of AP Environmental Science A Global Perspective Human Population
Growth Sustainability Conclusion:We will learn things! And they will relate directly back to these 6 themes. Human population has doubled in the past 40 years... The whole world must be taken into account when environmental issues are considered. People and Nature Human history is not independant from natural history. In addition, both sides of history affect each other greatly. An Urbanizing World Science and Values What do we do with all of science's discoveries? How do we use our knowledge of the world to shape the way we inhabit it? The size of the world's population presents a huge challenge when it comes to producing and distributing food. Which leads to the second main point of the book: Materials taken from the earth are not always replenished, leading to resource shortages. Sustainability can be thought of in two ways... Sustainability of resources--water, sharks, and pine cones. AND Sustainability of ecosystems--coral reefs, jungles, and volcanoes. But the largest ecosystem of all is our planet. More and more people are living in cities around the globe.
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