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Elementary Math

No description

Mark Allen

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Elementary Math

Elementary Math Shapes Color is considered a
math concept since it
helps children learn to
discriminate among objects. It requires a skill
to recall a name and
associate it with a
visual image. Ways To Teach Colors different colored blocks
at transition times
by sorting objects
feely box or bag
color hunts
discussions Parquetry Blocks- geometric pieces that
vary in color & shape. Shape - what "goes around the
outside" Children are often confused by shape, especially because of the similarities between circles and squares. Skills needed to identify and draw shapes do not develop at the same time
most children cannot copy shapes other than circles before the age of four.
Ways To Teach Shapes
use a variety of activities that stress touching, holding, and matching shapes.

have children trace around the outside of the shape in order to master the concept. Do not teach shapes and colors at the same time. Wait until colors are well developed Classification Matching - a form of classification that involves putting like objects together Sorting- a form of classification that is based on the process of physically separating objects based on unique features Recognizing - a simple form of classification that gives them the ability to relate past and present experiences. Classification is the process of mentally grouping objects or ideas into catigories or classes based on one atribute. Ways To Teach Classification first classroom experiences with classification should involve only one feature
as children build classification skills, increase the number of common features in the acitivites
advanced activities include classifying classroom items according to function Color What is it? Specific Task Assessment- involves giving children set activities to determine skills and or needs.
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