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The Journey

No description

Tracey Walsh

on 7 May 2016

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Transcript of The Journey

The Developing Stage
The Applying Stage
The Innovating Stage
Are we there yet?
but it's our project...this is our thing...they want to hold onto this...

-at end, go back adn talk abotu how we even incorporated
-we are taking teh mystery out of teaching. asking for input, being learners with the students...etc
The Beginning Stage
do we add powtoons? to help so the goals...
The Journey
Setting the Stage- We'd like to Set the Stage today by likening the experience we have had together to an experience you can all identify with- The work of Sam and I was a little like Striking out on a new phase/endeavour/experience- new job, going away to school- college or university, having your first baby, getting married, first boy/girl friend, adventure to a foreign country...lots of unknowns but very exciting and a big adventure which started out one way and then moved into....and this is how it went...so as we tell our story, you will know how it went...
put initial goals here
and then share how it went by setting the stage first
a little bit of history

this is where we started- share our experience from last year
and now here we are...
because we both believe that we are at a time in education where things should and need to look different...our world is changing...and has changed...so ed shouldn't look as it did years ago..
renewed vision, student
graphic,zoom in, our
goals, share the journey
set the stage first and
then go through each
-add pics/videos
-learning they started with
and where it's gone
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