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The Most Dangerous Game

No description

Kalene Guerra

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of The Most Dangerous Game

Point of View
Through out The Most Dangerous Game the point of view is in the third person, meaning that the story is narrated by an outside character.
The Most Dangerous Game is an adrenaline rising story that all starts off when big game hunter, Sanger Rainsford falls into one of the most competitive hunts he has ever experienced. One night on a yacht headed Rio, Rainsford was out on the deck taking a smoke when he fell into the Caribbean Sea below after hearing a gun shot. After realizing he would never get back to his boat Rainsford decided to swim to the nearest island to only find it inhabited by General Zaroff and his deaf servant Ivan. Rainsford found that General Zaroff was a very affable host that had many fine things on his island. Rainsford found that he had lots in common with General Zaroff, like their passion for hunting; however it all changes when General Zaroff states that his desired game to hunt is humans. Rainsford, who is surprised to acquire this information, is also stupefied to become General Zaroff’s next challenge. During their hunt Rainsford used his strategic thinking to try to stay alive, even though he doesn’t have any of the advantages General Zaroff has. After a long, exhausting, nearly fatal (on Rainsford’s behalf) hunt, it finally came to an abrupt end with the expense of General Zarof.
Significance of Title
The significance of the title The Most Dangerous Game is the ironic fact that the most dangerous game that the story is referring to is the human beings and the hunt between them. In the story, the most dangerous game played is the competition between General Zaroff who is the biggest predator in this instance, and his prey which are other human beings. Another reference to the most dangerous game is the prey itself, humans.General Zaroff’s desired game is humans, as compared to the rest of the game he has hunted before he has managed to stay alive, till it came to humans, or in this specific case Rainsford who happens to be the most fatal game to General Zaroff.
The tone in The Most Dangerous Game is a thrilling, exciting, and macabre, scenario.
The Most Dangerous Game takes place shortly after World War 1, on a mysterious Caribbean Island that is notorious for ship-wrecking boats and having close to no survivors.
Character List
Sanger Rainsford
General Zaroff

The Most Dangerous Game
Protagonist- Sanger Rainsford
Antagonist- General Zaroff
Inciting Incident
Rising Action
Falling Action
The Most Dangerous Game is a hair-rising tale, that gives the reader a sense of excitement, with a hint of bitter sweetness.
An intelligent hunter who uses his cleverness to out-smart General Zaroff.
A Russian Cossack who lives on Ship-trap Island and enjoys hunting men.
The main external conflict of The Most Dangerous Game is the man vs.man
conflict between Rainsford and Gernal Zaroff. This the main external conflict,
because Gernal Zaroff is the main predator to Rainsford who the prey to
Gernal Zaroff. Along with the conflict of General Zaroff trying to murder Rainsford,
he also has the other conflict of man vs. nature, because he has to survive out in
the forest for three days. As in most stories, the protagonist has an internal
conflict. Rainsford's internal conflict is his mental battle to decide what he has to
do to stay alive even if it goes against his beliefs. A other internal conflict is his
constant battle to try to keep his nerve. This internal conflict is strongly
indicated by his repetitive words " I must keep my nerve, I must keep my nerve."
One possible theme in the story is to never underestimate your opponent, but with other situations Rainsford faced in the story supports that the main theme is:things aren't always clear, not everything is black and white. Trying to separate whats right from wrong is one of the biggest ethical issues human beings have, especially when it comes to survival.
The beginning of The Most Dangerous Game takes place on a yacht headed towards Rio, Brazil, till the protagonist, Sanger Rainsford falls off into the Caribbean Sea. Rainsford evidently ends up on a mysterious island which is inhabited by a large servant named Ivan, and the intimidating General Zaroff.
The Inciting Incident of The Most Dangerous Game begins the evening when General Zaroff and Rainsford are dinning and discussing hunting. It started off as a friendly conversation of what they like to hunt, but it ended with confession out of General Zaroff that he murders other human beings as "game" while hunting. Soon aft his confession General Zaroff proclaims that he wants to hunt Rainsford. This is the catastrophic turn of events that leaves Rainsford in grave danger.
The Rising Action is when Rainsford leaves a trail in the forest one of his many strategies he learned fromhis many years of being a skilled hunter. When Zaroff runs into Rainsford he decides not to kill him, because he's having too much fun. Then Rainsford set a trap hoping to catch him, but instead he ends up catching and killing Ivan, Zaroffs personal assiant and one of his best dogs.
The falling action of this story is when Rainsford jumps of the cliff in hopes of sustaining his life. Unfortunately for General Zaroff he does and he swims across back to the General's home. Upon waking, General Zaroff discovered Rainsford is alive and in his bedroom.
The climax of the story is when Rainsford when gets chased down by General Zaroff and his hounds. He heard the hounds close to him, so he leaped of the cliff into the sea below, knowing it was his only chance for survival. We know this is the climax of the story because it leaves you wondering whether Rainsford lives or dies.
The resolution in this story is when Rainsford defeats General Zaroff in his room and then sleeps in his bed.
The denouncement is that Rainsford has never slept better, than when he slept in General Zaroffs bed after defeating him.
"The Cossack was the cat; he was the mouse"
The first time when the General found Rainsford was he found him hiding in a tree. He was aware he was there, but he wanted to make Rainsford think he was still hidden, with this the General left Rainsford so he could kill him another day, because he was so blissfully enjoying his hunt. Rainsford later pieced together that the General was toying with him, he was the mouse and the General was the cat.
The best example of foreshadowing in The Most dangerous Game comes from the very beginning when Rainsford is still on his yacht. He was on the deck when he heard a sort of scream from an animal he has never heard before. Keep in mind that Rainsford is a famous hunter and has hunted to the point he is an animal expert. We later find out that the scream was from not an animal, but a human.
The situational irony in The Most Dangerous Game comes from the hunt it's self. The maker of the "game" is General Zaroff creates all the rules, has all the advantages such as his hunting dogs, a gun, and he know's his island inside and out. Even with all the advantages thrown at him General Zaroff loses to Rainsford, this is an outcome he never saw coming.
The Chaotic Jungle
When you think jungle you think about a rainforest with a thick canopy making the sky out of reach with loots of noise infact it may all be too much to take in all at once. This is how Rainsford sees the situation he is in allo to much and very chaotic.
The Mysterious Island
The ship-wreck, mysterious island symbolizes Rainsford's isolation from the world. He is on a privately owned island no one would even stop by it there wasnt a purpose, allowing society and the rules of society to vanish. Unfortunatley with the rules of civilization gone it is very uncertain what people on the island might do.
One very important scene that was really descriptive was the cliff scene. The author describes the sound of the waves crashing against the jagged rocks in the dark sea below. In this scene you could hear the waves crashing, taste the salty air on your lips, and see the tips of the jagged rocks in the dark gray water, relating to Rainsford dire need to get of the dark and twisted island.
The biggest stereotype in The Most Dangerous Game is how General Zaroff is referenced to The Cossack. Cossacks are semi-military, democratic communities usually located in Ukraine and Southern Russia. The stereotype against these people is that they are sturdy, not well educated, enthusiastic, people who think the rules are made for others and no one should care what they do if they mind their own business. General Zaroff is represented as a man who minds his own business on his island, however doesn't fallow one of the biggest rules of society.
Personal Evaluation
We think the story The Most Dangerous Game is a exciting, thrilling, story with a hint of macabre. The strongest element is the plot, becasue it ties in perfectly with the theme. The way Richard Connell made General Zaroffs horrific hobbie into the only way of survival make you question yourself and what you would have done if you where Rainsford. It also makes you think about what is right from wrong and where you draw the line. We would recommend this story for older children in middle school and high school. The thought behind General Zaroff's hunts may be too intense for younger children in elementary school. Another reason The Most Dangerous Game is to intes for some younger children is they won't be able to fully comprehend the idea of the theme, adults even have a hard time grasping the idea of right from wrong.
Character Type: Static
Character type: Dynamic
Direct Characterization for both characters.
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Inciting Incident
Rising Action
Falling Action
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