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Lord Of The Flies

By Steve Rosales

steve rosales

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Lord Of The Flies

By Steve Rosales Lord Of The Flies Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Ralph and the rest of the gang decide who gets the conch they think its Ralph, But Piggy was the one who found it first, Also a big fire happend on castle rock whenever they used Piggys glasses to start the fire but the wind caused the fire to spread caught the mountain. Chapter 3 Ralph and the rest
of the gang were still
looking for how to survive the island, Jacks group started to look for pigs on the island, Ralph was building shelters by the beach by the ocean, they built it with trunks of a vast tree, Branches, And palm trees. Chapter 4 They built castles in the sand at the bar of the little river. Then a Ship passes buy the island Ralph tried to signal the Ship but they didnt see the boys, they tried starting the fire again but a failed attempted happened, the Ship kept going away didnt notice the boys waving their hands,Jack hit the pig, Jacks group start putting paint on their faces for hunting purposes. Chapter 5 The boys get stranded on the island By a plane crash.The boys names are piggy And Ralph,Ralph makes fun of piggy and Piggy has asthma.then there comes Jack the head boy that thinks he should be chief of the tribe, also Simon the odd he"s the quiet one, Then the twins ( Sam and Eric), then the Littleluns, also they start looking for food on the island and looking ways to survive. Chapter 6 Sam and Eric were both guarding the fire,Then they both saw the beast the twins both got chased bye the beast. Jack and the rest except for piggy and the little ones didn't go to the hunt, Jack was leader they all went up the mountain again and trying to make smoke on the top, Also they went hiding to find the beast. Ralph went on to the red cliff to make a fort. Chapter 7 In the beginning the group except for piggy and the young one
stayed but the rest of them went climbing up the mountain and looking for the beast, and thought the beast was following them,but it was a frog and a boar instead but they kept spotting the beast everywhere, Jack spooted the pig on the beach and running, On the cliff piggy and the littleuns didnt go back to the moutain till the next day, Ralph asked samneric , robert, and bill to see if the want to climb it, Ralph went alone to the moutain. Chapter 8 Simon began having a sesure his back arched and also simon found out who was the lord of the flies and the lord of the flies is a pigs head on a stick and the lord of the flies was speaking to him about there going to have fun on this island, Simon died of a seizure layed there on the beach. Simon was talking to the beast but in a shocked voice, Then simon saw he was int a dark mouth. Chapter 9 Piggy and Ralph both went to see the feast or whatever it was called they both were fighting against jack at the feast the a thunderstorm and Ralph trying to get the littluns back with Ralph to the shelters and plenty of meat, And Also they find Simon"s Dead body Toward the sea, Right after
he Had the seizure. Jack was telling everone to come to the hunters, Then the ay after that the island was clear and moist. Chapter 10 Piggy and Ralph still refused to go into Jacks group, And
they both still were talking about how there going to
get the rest of the other guys back into their group instead of
Jacks group, And they both saw the Lord of the flies, Sam and Eric both
joined Jacks group and both got red and white clay to represent the
hunters. Chapter 11 Jack and his group attacked Ralph, piggy
and the twins, Also jack attaked ralph and ralph
got hit in the ribs by a sphere. Then Jacks group
captured Ralph, piggy, and the twins, but piggy got hit by a rock in the head and died. Jack called himself i am cheif!!! Then Roger decided to go with Jacks group also to the twins decided to go with Jacks group. jack told everybody else thats what you'll get. Chapter 12 Piggy is now dead and ralph got
captured and escaped,also Sam and Eric
gave him a sphere ,then the rest of the boys
went on a hunt for Ralph but didnt find him
then the island caught on fire, A navy men
showed up on the island to see what was going on then Ralph got asked questions
about who was here and Jack was left in the fire only few of the boys made it, and
three boys were now dead Simon, Piggy , and Jack, Ralph kept on saying keep
the fire going on, also there fighting who should keep the
conch and be chief, And keep the fire on the mountain, Jack wanted pig so they tried to get piggy. They also thought of building a ship to get back.
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