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Choice Book Project

Isabella DeIulis

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of INKHEART

INKHEART PRESENTATION Inkheart Cornellia Funke Protagonist: Meggie a twelve year old girl, Mo's daughter, has the ability to read characters and objects out of books Protagonist/Setting/Mood/Characters Plot Line Minor Characters: Mo, Capricorn, Dustfinger, and Elinor are used to further explain certain events. Elements of Fiction Isabella DeIulis Period 6 Settings: In Italy, around 1950's. Capricorn's village. Elinor's mansion. Mood: Suspenseful and mysterious. Meggie is in her bedroom at night. Its raining, cold, and quiet. Meggie looks out her window and sees a man standing outside in the rain looking at her. Characters: Mo, Dustfinger, Capricorn, Elinor. "SilverTounge"
-Meggie's father
-Can read
characters out of
books -Read out of
-Not emotional -Read out of
- Evil, horrible,
cruel "Bookworm"
-Meggie's great
- very headstrong Antagonist: Meggie and Mo's ability to read characters and objects out of books.

Flashbacks: Meggie has flashbacks of little things when her mother was around. Irony: Mo and Meggie have beautiful voices. But Meggie's mom can't even talk. Theme: With great power, comes great responsibilities. Inkheart Trailer Video Provided By Youtube.com Conflict:
Capricorn wants the Shadow Inciting Moment:
Meggie learns that she can read things out of books Rising Action Climax:
Mo and Meggie kill Capricorn Falling Action Resolution:
Capricorn and the Shadow are dead.
Meggie is united with her family
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