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There's A Bat In Bunk Five

By Jilly Filly 8^]

Jillian Alderman

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of There's A Bat In Bunk Five

There's a Bat in Bunk Five! Marcy Lewis is a fourteen year old girl who hates gym class. Marcy is stuck with her careless father who doesn't know how to show his love. Marcy is heading off to camp to be a CIT.
Her goal is to learn how to take care of herself
so she will be prepared for anything when she's older. Marcy wants her father to just love her and her parents to stop fighting. Marcy is nervous yet excited about camp. She is excited because she will be away from her parents' fighting~but Stuart will have to deal with all of it. PPoor guy! 8^[ Marcy hates her father but she loves him too. She wishes her mother would realize how she cries herself to sleep because she is worried about her father having another heart attack and that he doesn't think she really loves him. Marcy also loves her mother even though she drives her absolutely insane. Marcy feels bad after she gives a little attitude to her mother when she's just trying to help. 8-[ Marcy's family:
Mother: Worry~bug
Father: smoker [cigars] and careless
Stuart: young, weird, he doesn't what anything means around him. =^[ Marcy hates:
Ironing, gym, stitching her name on all of her clothing, her parents fighting, her father [sometimes],
when her mother bothers her! 8^{ Marcy likes:
to be indoors
to be alone
when her parents aren't fighting [which isn't often] A Pic Of Marcy's Life: Stuart Sorry I can't find anymore pictures of my characters! I hope you enjoyed my prezi!
xoxoJilly Fillyxoxo
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