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Where i want to go on vacation

adam lemieux

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Jamaica

Kingston Getting There Place To Stay Currency Exchange American Airlines
Flight 873 July 03, 2010 From Detroit to Miami First class
Then July 03, 2010 from Miami 01:10 pm to Kingston Jamaica, Arrive at kingston Jamaica July 03, 2010 01:49 pm

Gran Bahia Principe
a 4 star resort in
Jamaica Right near The
Beach Included Features
3 meals dailey plus snacks
New year's gala dinner
Dailey Activities

Where will you eat? We plan to eat at our hotel Gran Bahia Principe but not every day other days where planning to eat at the Tek it Eazy Bar & Nyammings Things to do Climate Safety Concerns Wind Surfing
Itoductory Scuba Diving lesson's
Average Tempeture in Jamaica is 77 degrees (25 degress C. Certain Areas to avoid
are- Mountie veiw, Trench
down and montongo bay are some
of the worst area's in the Caribbean
Avoid public buses they can be
over crowded and target criminals
stay on the resort at night it gets rough
but you will mostly find jamaica perfectly safe
best to go through town with a tour not on
your own but most people find the people in
jamaica very nice and welcoming

Canadian dollar = 89.35819
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