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Francisco Pizarro: Sachi, Maggie and Daniela

No description

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Francisco Pizarro: Sachi, Maggie and Daniela

Which Expeditions Did Pizarro Lead?

He led the expedition to conquer Peru
He also went on an expedition and found the Pacific ocean.
He went on another expedition and came back with word of those regions south of the equator
When did he travel?
Pizarro traveled in 1526 when he went on the expedition to conquer Peru. He also traveled in 1502, 1524 and 1532.
What form of transportation did he use?
Pizarro traveled on:
a ship called the Pinto Mayor
Foot and on horseback.
His men would use pack animals
Once, while traveling on an island, his men built a brigatine- a small ship named the San Pedro
What did Pizarro accomplish on his expedition? Was it successful?
Pizarro went on three expeditions. His biggest accomplishment was conquering the Inca Empire, which was on his third expedition. His first two expeditions were not successful because of bad weather, lack of food and hardships with natives.
On the second expedition, they also had to go back to Panama for reinforcements.
What land was discovered or conquered
Pizarro conquered Peru and the Inca lands.
He discovered the city of Lima
He also discovered the Pacific ocean
He conquered Cuzco
What resources or products did Pizarro make available for export?
The Inca lands were plentiful in gold and silver, which he brought back with him to Spain. He also found many various treasures on his expeditions.

When Pizarro captured the Inca Emperor his small force of less than 200 men managed to kill over 2,000 Incas and take 5,000 more as prisoners. He had the advantage of guns, cannons, horses, and iron weapons.

How did Pizarro treat the native people?
Did a permanent settlement
result from Pizarro's expedition?
Who settled?
Did the settlement last?
Interesting facts about
Francisco Pizarro
He was the second cousin once removed of Hernan Cortez, the conquistador who conquered the Aztecs in Mexico.
No one is quite sure exactly when Pizarro was born. It was likely between 1471 and 1476.
The famous explorer Hernando de Soto was part of Pizarro's group that conquered the Inca.
Francisco was accompanied by his brothers Gonzalo, Hernando, and Juan throughout his campaign to conquer the Inca.

Pizarro established the first Spanish settlement in Peru called San Miguel de Puira. The Spanish people settled in Pizarro's establishment. The settlement lasted but later was rebuilt.
Who was Francisco Pizarro?
Pizarro (1478-1541) was a Spanish conquistador who traveled through the Pacific coast of America along Peru. He was born in the town Trujillo in Spain.
Pizarro's impact to America
Pizarro made a bad impact on America. He captured and killed many native Americans on his expedition to the Inca's, including the chief. This caused most of the Inca empire to vanish.

How Pizarro Had the Biggest Impact on America
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traído a usted por:
Sachi, Daniela and Mag5gie
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