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No description

William Carter

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of JIBO

JIBO can perform many tasks like photographing, story telling, being a companion, messenger, an assistant, and an avatar
Task the Robot Performs
JIBO can act as a companion just like a human would
Human Function it Simulates
JIBO is going to be found in households everywhere and by many different kinds of people
Where it is Used
JIBO isn't multifunction, except for the household tasks stated in one of the previous slides
By William Carter
Reminds you of events and tasks you need to do
Knows when you want a photo to be taken of you
Can tell stories with movement, sounds, and create an interactive storytelling experience
It can know when you or others want to take photos like a human would know when to take photos
Reminds you of tasks like a human would do for you instead
Kids will use it when they need someone to play with or they want to hear a story told to them
JIBO will be used by teens to connect with others, in a new different way that is in as more fun way
Adults will use JIBO to talk to others in the family or help save special moments
JIBO can't move from its original location but has so many degrees of flexibility, too many to name
Video To Show You How It Moves
Taught to Preform
1. Follow instructions to hook up with WiFi
2. JIBO recognizes face and voice
3. Learn what tasks JIBO can do
4. Download JIBO app to mobile devices to connect him with your device
Can connect JIBO to computers, mobile devices, and other JIBOS
Expand JIBO skills and abilities by buying items from the JIBO store
360 sound localization
Full body touch sensors
Two color stereo cameras
Photo taking and recognizing
Interactive playing experience involving JIBO
Response to being talked to
Advantages and Disadvantages
Don't need to worry about taking photos
Don't need to worry about forgetting something
No need for someone to read a story for you
Easy way to connect with others
The cost of JIBO - $499
For more skills for JIBO, have to buy the apps
Has to be charged or have a battery to be used
Needs to be connected to WiFi to be used
JIBO is going to households everywhere, making daily life more efficient and easier.
Reduce time remembering things you need to do
No need to take your own photos
Easier to communicate with others
JIBO will be a positive impact when it comes out in 2016
Jobs and Careers
Jobs that JIBO will create:
More developer jobs: Create skills and content for the JIBO store
Designers that help create JIBO
Software developers
Jobs that help put together JIBO
Conversation technologies developers
JIBO May Be Altered
There might be more skills that JIBO can preform for you like...
The appearance of JIBO
Being moveable
Knowing more sayings and how to reply to them
Being lighter and smaller
Easier way to charge JIBO
Not needing to be connected to a WiFi source
Being able to communicate in more that just english
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