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Minecraft Noob Guide PC

A Minecraft Noob Guide to Minecraft PC

Karim Smires

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Minecraft Noob Guide PC

In this presentation, we will show you how to play Minecraft. This is only for NOOBS. No pros can watch this. So don't watch pros!
Minecraft Noob Guide
The Minecraft NOOB Guide
Mobs riddle Minecraft , so be careful! Some shoot arrows, some bite and some blow up! The ones that bite are spiders! The ones that shoot arrows are Skeletons! The ones that blow up are CREEPERS! EVERYONE ONE HATES MOBS! THERE ARE MORE THEN THESE MOBS! THESE ARE JUST THE BAD ONES BUT THERE IS A mob in the end look up and you'll find information on it, also slimes, which get smaller when you kill a big one.

If you are a pro, do NOT WATCH!! I will haunt you!!!
Grievers, Redstone Abusers, Youtubers, and Trollers. Also, two different dimensions, like the End and the Nether. Also, mods and texture packs, which basically change your game. Plus, there are parodies.

There are many things to learn. Some are...

Grievers destroy people's stuff. Defenses are needed to keep them away. Abusers are addicted to Redstone and TNT, so be careful! Youtubers always get all the attention. Basically everyone will crowd around them. Trollers will try to make you fall into many different pits, trying to kill you in any way possible!
Grievers, Abusers, and Trollers
To find the end you have to throw eyes of ender and then collect them after. You have to dig deep under ground, when the eye of ender stops, to find the stronghold. While in the end, you will come across Ender Dragon and several Endermen. The ender dragon is a hard boss to defeat. It gives you alot of XP. End portal picture ->
The End
The nether is basically like Minecraft, well, HELL. It is filled with Netherrack. Netherrack, when ignited, makes the fire stay forever until you put it out. It is also filled with horrible creatures, like Ghasts, who shoot fire balls. They fly, and drop Ghast tears, used for potions, when killed. Blaze are basically mini Ghasts, but drop blaze rods, which make blaze powder, used for Eyes of Ender. There are also Zombie Pigman, that drop budder (gold) nuggets. They attack in groups, only if you hit first. Magma cubes drop magma cream, used for potions. There are also wither skeletons, used to spawn wither, which are scary bosses.
The Nether
The ones with"needed" aren't.
Just in case you don't know to make flint and steel.
(You need to put missing eyes of ender)
By: awsome12123, Enderswag, CreeperKiller, and Wolfswag
This is a parody of "When can I see you again"
Let's Have Some Fun In Minecaft 4th Place
Supernatural Mobs 1st Place
New World 3rd Place
Wreaking Mob 2nd Place
There are many Youtubers. Some are CaptainSparkles, awsome12123, skydoesminecraft, and BajanCanadian, Caveman Films, AtlanticCraft, and Slamacow. They make Minecraft videos, parodies, and even animations!
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