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Cathy O'Grady: An ordinary person who does extraordinary thi

No description

Chloe Gottlieb

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Cathy O'Grady: An ordinary person who does extraordinary thi

Who is Cathy O'Grady?
She is a resident of a town outside of Boston who scattered dozens of blankets and gift cards throughout the city for homeless people.
2) They were both willing to give up something of their own.
Esther was willing to give up her own life, whereas Cathy was willing to give up her own money.
What's next for Cathy?
On February 28, she's planning on going around the city with another woman leaving lottery
scratch tickets, even more gift cards, and buying strangers hot coffee.
What can we learn?
We don't always have to sacrifice our lives in order to help other people. Sometimes, all we need to do is spread a little kindness, like Cathy, and you could be helping people similarly to how Esther helped people.
What we learned from Megilat Esther
Sometimes you have to dig deeper to find a true meaning, like how we did with the in-depth videos in which we found out what the word "Pur" in "Purim" truly meant in relation to the heroin, Esther, and the steps taken to find this reasoning. Esther received a convincing letter from Mordechai, with similar wording to a passage in Devarim dealing with atonement ("pur" in Hebrew means atone in English), which ultimately leads to the reasoning behind the name of this holiday.
But how does this relate to Esther?
1) They were both risk takers.
Esther had no way to know what the outcome of approaching Achashveirosh would be, as Cathy had no clue if her gifts would received by those with proper intentions.
Cathy O'Grady: An ordinary person who does extraordinary things
Presentation By: Chloe Gottlieb and Sarah Kopyto
She has been doing things like this for the past two years, with materials ranging from toothpaste to socks.
No one knew she was doing this until someone revealed her in early February, after leaving blankets around the time of heavy winter storms.
Here is a picture of some blankets Cathy left
3) They each had a push.
Esther's "push" was Mordechai's letter.
Cathy's "push" was when she saw a homeless man walking around wrapped in a garbage bag in lieu of a jacket.
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