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All Fall Down

No description

Carla Hernandez

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of All Fall Down

Antagonist: A very scarred man

Internal Conflict: Grace is dealing with her mother's death and finds it really hard.
External Conflict: Grace is struggling with convincing people that she's telling the truth.

Setting: The Futuristic World, also Embassy Row
Rising Action:
Grace moves back with her grandparents after her mother dies suddenly.
Grace meets her new friends named Rosie, Megan, and Noah
Grace is walking down the street when she comes across a man with a huge scar down his face and is immediatly tooken back to her mother death.
Grace finds out that the scared man and the man with the scar on his face works with her grandfather and knows him really well. Also that his name is Dominic.
Grace finds out who the real killer of her mom is...

**But I'm not going to tell you because that's pointless.**
Very Pretty
Falling Action:
Grace and her new friends decide to spy on the scarred man to hopefully gets some clues on if he's the killer.
Grace is listening closely to the mans conversation one day on her own and directly hears him say, "I'm going to kill them."
Days later Grace's grandparents throw a huge party that everyone is going to, including Grace because she knows Dominic will make his move.
At the party Grace is watching Dominic all night and he notices right away so he pulls her aside and confronts her.
All Fall Down Written by Ally Carter
Friendly and a very nice man
Tall and lengthy
The best friend anyone could ask for.
Dont Judge A Book by It's Cover
Throughout the entire book people always doubt Grace and tell her she's just a girl but little do they know she's amazing and so strong.
The man with the scar or Dominic seems really scary throughout the entire book and when Grace sees him in a different lighting he's looks normal and super sweet.
I give the book 2 out of 5 stars...

It was kind of boring and got super slow at most parts, however the overall mystery was really good and kept me going.
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