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The evolution of the iPhone

No description

Ava Thorne

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of The evolution of the iPhone

The Evolution of the iPhone
The iPhone 2G
This was apple's first touch screen phone model,so they were very eager to release their new idea.The release date was January,9th,2007.The creators of the iPhone 2G,explained that this is an ipod touch,mobile phone and communicator...all in one.This specific iPhone did indeed include a front and rear camera,but that doesn't mean it was high quality.
By:Ava Thorne
The new iPhone 4 was highly recommended for its sustainable hard drive,which was extremely efficient compared to the iPhone 2 and iPhone 3.Also the updated visual appearance of the iPhone 4,was for the most part good.Since its backing became much thicker and easier to grasp;in someones hand.The construction of the phone was not only visually pleasing ,but also efficient.
The iPhone 4
This generation was said to be the most advanced of all the phones so far,since it included a new style of charger.Not only that but the construction of this generation was highly protective,to help sustain all impacts.This iPhone was released on September,21,2012,this big debut of the revolutionary iPhone 5.Was a huge deal to people who were willing to make an investment for the thinner lighter iPhone 5.
The iPhone 5
The iPhone 6
This is one of the most recent upgrades,the iPhone 6.It not only revolutionizes the art of photography;with the highly advanced rear and front camera.But it has evolved into a much bigger mobile device,which can feel much better in your hand,while handling the iPhone 6.Due to larger size of the iPhone 6,they purposely added support bars to increase the sustainability of the phone.
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