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Hwajang + IU Inspired Makeup Tutorial

This Prezi is designed in celebration of Oct, 09th, Hangul Day.

DCG Inc.

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Hwajang + IU Inspired Makeup Tutorial

inspired by

Natural Makeup
clean, flawless skin
focused on lip
straight eyebrow
: key point to look younger
*one of the hottest Korean idols
Facial Touch
01. Soothing Serum
: deepen moisturizing
: reduces weakness of skin
: controls the excess of sebum
(natural oil of skin)
02. Soothing Cream
: bring out glowing result
to the skin
03. CC & BB Cream
: CC cream corrects uneven skin tone & makes the skin smooth and radiant
: BB cream goes more perfect lighter finish
Eye Touch
04. Brown color pencil type
: if you had high edged eyebrow fill in the gap below the edge then it will make more straight eyebrow
05. Base Shadow
: cream colored shadow on the eyeball
: to create the depth of the eye, apply brown colored eye shadow

06. Eyeliner + Eyelash
: to give more definition to the eye, fill in the lines of eyeliner
: the color brown will give more natural look
: curl the eyelash all the way up
07. Two colors
: Iron Lady(Burgundy)
+ Bologna(Immortal Red)
: better for nice gradiation!
Curling Iron
: Styling
Prezi designed by DCG
Story & MOV provided by WishTrend
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