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No description

William Barber

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of DO NOW

Work Period
On a separate piece of paper answer:
On page 1 questions about Reference point.
On page 2 applying the photos to relative motion.
On page 3 "assessing your understanding 1a and 1b"
Also what does relative motion mean?
When is an object in motion?
Wrap up
Share out- What is relative motion?

What was the PFR?
Were you able to find out the PFR?

Did anyone make a connection to prior knowledge?
Mini Lesson
Expectations on Today's work
Relative Motion
M: In your seat
P: Watch the video and answer this: Does the balloon fall straight down or does it fall while being curved?
Annotate the following article that will be passed out, do this properly while reading.
What is the PFR?
Underlining subheadings/bold words.
What do the graphs and images mean? Is there a connection?
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